Vinyl floors have become very popular in homes and businesses over the last decade. Whether you have luxury vinyl tile or industrial vinyl composite tile(VCT). We’ve got you covered!

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Luxury Vinyl Cleaning & VCT Strip and Wax Specialists

Luxury vinyl is a great alternative to hardwood flooring in a home or business. The wood-like appearance is very inviting and there are many colors, styles, and textures to choose from. Vinyl composite tile(VCT) still remains to be very popular in industrial settings – especially offices and factories.

Residential vinyl cleaning – just like carpet and other textiles, it should be cleaned regularly. While it is very easy to maintain yourself, a lot of the cleaning products available to consumers leave horrible residues that build up over time. This can dull the shine and damage the protective coating on the vinyl flooring. Our vinyl cleaning process gets into the small crevices and textures of the vinyl floor and rinses the floor nice and clean. In many instances, a professional cleaning can bring back the lost shine.

Commercial vinyl cleaning – VCT that is used in industrial settings takes a different approach to restore its look. First, the floor is swept and large debris is removed. Then a cleaning agent is applied and the floor is scrubbed with a machine. We do offer both scrub and recoat and full VCT strip service. The floor is extracted and rinsed many times to remove all of the dirt and cleaning agents. Finally, we apply wax that is self-sealing and self-leveling with a high solid content for maximum protection. Depending on your desired level of shine we may apply up to 4 coats.