Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service features eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are family and pet safe. Your carpet and textures will look great and be nice and soft after cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1

Initial Inspection

Step 2


Step 3

Pre-treat traffic lanes

Step 4

Move furniture

Step 5

Hot water extraction

Step 6

Speed Drying

Step 7

Post Inspection

Step 8

Dupont Protector Applcation

Step 9

Final Grooming

Why Choose Us For Your Carpet Cleaning Company

Having carpets cleaned regularly does more than just refresh a room. Carpet cleaning releases dust, dirt, and pet dander that becomes trapped deep in carpet fibers and cannot be removed by vacuuming. A heavy extraction method of cleaning results in carpets that are clean down to their underlying padding. Even the most heavily soiled carpets in high traffic areas look like new.

Carpet sees more daily use than any other item in the home. The appearance of your carpet affects the look of your house. Let us make the impression a positive one by cleaning your carpets better than they have ever been cleaned. We use a truck mounted steam cleaner to reach deep into the carpet and extract all the debris trapped within the fibers. Our special techniques easily remove the most difficult stains and spills, even those that are set-in.

Failing to keep carpets clean or cleaning them improperly can void carpet warranties. We use the safest methods that keep your warranties intact while getting your carpets sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Our steam cleaning process yields the best results and we offer carpet protection services to keep your carpets cleaner longer.

Sure, you could choose a national company that makes big promises about how clean your carpets will be. Unfortunately, you will probably be disappointed. Our equipment is more powerful and our techniques are more effective. In addition, we take care when working in your home so nothing gets scratched or scuffed.

If your carpets are dirty, give us a call because we would be happy to clean them. We are family-owned and operated so you always know who will answer the phone. We will treat you like the valuable customer that you are, not an account number. Try us and you will never want anyone else to clean your carpets!

Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

Wear and tear from daily use is enough to make regular upholstery cleaning necessary. Furniture houses dirt, debris, dust mites, and germs. Regular cleaning creates a healthier indoor environment and makes furniture look as beautiful as the day it was purchased. We have the tools and experience to get your furniture clean no matter how dirty it is.

Upholstery CleaningCleaning upholstery is not a job for a novice. Different methods are recommended for cleaning different fabrics and materials. Use the wrong technique or cleaning solution and you could permanently damage the furniture. We know how to properly clean all types of upholstery and our multi-step approach also removes contaminants so your home will be sanitary.

We treat your furniture with care because we know how valuable it is to you. Steam cleaning is an art and we have years of experience using this process on furniture. We are also skilled in cleaning leather furniture, so call us rather than attempting to remove dirt and stains from your valuable leather pieces. If your furniture is made from rare fabrics like Indian cotton, a special method is required to clean it and we are trained in this process.

Our approach includes testing fabrics for colorfastness and selecting the proper solution based on the composition of the material. We also offer an EPA-certified and eco-friendly upholstery protector that is applied immediately after the cleaning process. This protects the fabric from stains, dirt, and odors, and extends the life of the upholstery.

Every fabric is unique and requires a customized cleaning approach. We are skilled in various methods that safely and effectively clean your upholstery without voiding furniture warranties. Our attention to detail is unrivaled and our expertise ensures that your furniture will look amazing after being cleaned. Contact us for a free estimate for your upholstery cleaning job.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Your new puppy or kitten may look adorable playing on the carpet, but the pet is not so attractive when it has an accident there. Pet urine odor removal is a difficult process that most pet owners never master. If they are lucky, they permanently remove the stain. However, few of them get out the odor, which makes the area an attractive bathroom spot for the pet.

It takes only a few seconds for a pet to have an accident, but it can take forever to get rid of the result. Rather than frustrating yourself, call us because we have the best equipment and cleaning solutions for the job. We have been removing pet accidents from carpets for many years and no job is too difficult for our cleaning system.

Pet Odor RemovalPet urine odor is a huge problem for pet owners because it causes the entire house to smell. Visitors feel like they are in the yard or litter box when they enter the home. Tackling pet accidents immediately after they occur makes them easier to remove. Call us immediately to remove the stain and extract the odor so your pet will not be attracted to the area.

Our cleaning process does not merely treat the carpet surface. Most urine accidents soak down to the carpet pad or even the subfloor, making deep cleaning necessary. Our special treatment breaks down the urine crystals and then encapsulates the odors. We then extract the urine from the carpet and pad using a special tool.

This process is the only way to eliminate pet urine stains and odors. Anyone who tells you otherwise is, forgive the expression, “just pulling the carpet out from beneath you.” We are locally owned and operated so we place a high priority on being honest with the community we serve. Let us remove pet accidents in your carpets so you can see the amazing results!

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Your oriental and area rugs needs some five-star cleaning treatment from time to time too. In fact, many oriental rugs require cleaning more often than the carpet and upholstery in your home. Many of these rugs are very delicate and special care is needed when cleaning them to preserve their beauty and integrity.

On-Site Rug Cleaning: Many store bought rugs can be cleaned in the home or at your business. We put them through a very similar process as we do for carpet cleaning. Many times we will remove the rugs from the area and allow them to dry flat in another like your garage, porch or deck.

In-Plant Rug Cleaning: for rugs that are more delicate such as wool rugs, we will roll them up and take them back to our shop to be cleaned. The major benefit of us taking them is that we have complete control over moisture, humidity, and can clean them more than once if needed to deal with things like pet odors and staining.