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Whether you own a home or business, we can keep your tile and grout flooring in tip-top shape. We have over 30 years of combined hard surface flooring knowledge among our friendly staff. We also offer stone and marble polishing in Hawthorne


Tile and grout cleaning can be a challenging process. Though many tile and grout cleaning companies offer this service, not many utilize the correct cleaning products and equipment. The damage can be very expensive to fix. It is easy to damage the surface and underlying layers of grout and permanently etch tiles. Our cleaning techniques leave your tile and grout looking like new so it will last for many years.

Untrained and unskilled tile and grout cleaning professionals can leave tile and grout less than clean and subject it to rapid deterioration. Most tiled surfaces are very expensive to remove and install new, so think carefully before calling someone to clean them. Do you want a company who takes an inferior approach or do you want a trained professional who knows how to remove the dirt and other deposits that attach to grout? Give us a call to be wow’d and amazed!

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We are family owned and operated so we treat your home like it is ours. Our cleaning solutions are powerful and our vacuum suction equipment literally extracts dirt, grime, and other residue from tiled surfaces. A high pressure rinse follows to eliminate stubborn dirt and discoloration that remains.

Spraying, scrubbing, and rinsing are not the only steps in our cleaning process. We also apply a bullet proof sealer to protect grout from future accumulations of dirt and grime. This product maintains the integrity of your grout so the surface will not prematurely erode. It is an extra step that many of our competitors do not take.

Get up off your hands and knees and contact us to clean your tile and grout. We have the professional products and equipment necessary to make tiled surfaces sparkle. Our four-step turbo cleaning process is suitable for all types of tile, grout, and natural stone. Whether you have an area that is slightly dirty or contains years of buildup, we can handle it with ease!

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