Stone Floor CLEANING

Highest quality cleaning & restoration in the South Bay

Homeowners prefer the natural stone floor because it has a unique beauty that they admire. Of course, it is important to maintain the beautiful luster and shine on the floor. Great maintenance leads to a longer and more durable floor. Natural stone floors require professional cleaning. Only a professional understands and utilizes the cleaning methods that safely clean this type of hard flooring. It is a fact that natural stone flooring is a very durable product. Pets, kids, and family traffic certainly take their toll on the flooring.

Stone Floor CleaningThis ultimately leads to a greater need for professional cleaning to remove dirt, waste, stains, and scuff marks. A professional cleaning will quickly restore any damaged natural stone flooring to a new state. Surprisingly, many consumers do not realize that natural stone flooring requires a deep commercial cleaning by a professional floor cleaner to maintain the floors beauty. We advise our clients to seek professional help with all their natural stone floors. Why? Well, many homeowners might select the wrong type of chemical cleaner.

The chemical cleaner might damage the floors and cause hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage to the stone floor. It is a fact that stone flooring is supposed to last for a very long time. Certainly, keeping the floor clean and well maintained will help prolong the life of the floor. We only use environmentally friendly and safe products during the cleaning process. Don’t expose wood floors to needless damage and harsh chemicals. Let a professional take the hassle out of cleaning chores while you settle back and enjoy your lovely home. Contact a professional with floor cleaning experience and training. Your floors deserve the best.

Great crew, a real family owned business touch. They were careful upon entering and exiting, extremely polite and friendly. The carpets look great, it is absolutely obvious of how much the cleaning picked up (and we don’t wear shoes in the house but there was still tracking).
Teddy B.