Stain Removing Tips In Manhattan Beach

Stains are a dime a dozen in my household between the animals and the kids. This video has some great homemade stain removal recipes. You can also get more information, tips, and product reviews on Good Housekeeping.

I think the biggest concern is always that you may ruin carpet when you attempt to get out stains.  Carpet has dyes in it and if you put a stain remover on it and it counteracts with those dyes it could actually alter the dyes and change the color of the carpet.  When this happens there is nothing you can do except to get new carpet.

Some of the best stain removers can be baking soda, salt will absorb things like wine, and white vinegar.  Isn’t it amazing that none of these are cleaning agents?  Stains can happen very easily and the best method is to always absorb and tackle them as soon as it happens.  The problem is that Stains that set for a while will be absorbed by the carpet and will change dyes and it will sit in the pad.

If you have any issues getting stains out please give us a call and we can help!