Hard Stains To Get Out Of Carpets

There are a top five carpet stains: Coffee, Ink, Kool-Aid, Blood, and Pet Stains! How do I get them out? Let us help here at CE Floor Care!

Kool-Aid Stains
Blot stain.
Mix warm water and detergent.
Blot with a rag or towel.
Repeat as needed.

Kool-Aid stains are hard to get out so you may need to call a professional cleaner to help.

Coffee Stains
Attempt to use Vinegar. This always seems to work.

Ink Stains
Hairspray usually works.

Pet Stains
Vinegar, baking Soda, and warm water. The Baking Soda will neutralize the odor.

Use Club Soda.