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Carpets can become embedded with dirt, grime, as well as hard-to-remove stains anytime of the year. While some seasons, such as the Winter months might be more inclined to cause excess dirt to accumulate within the carpets of a home, there are also many other attributing factors which can cause carpets to become heavily packed down with dirt; pets, namely, can cause much dirt and stains throughout the carpeting of a home. However, other spills, such as red sauce, wine, coffee, or even bleach can all cause serious stains that are near impossible to completely remove. In these instances, it is necessary that the carpets are repaired; once repaired, it will benefit customers in the fact that their carpeting will be like-new once more.

Carpet Repair

Luckily, South Bay residents may consult with CE Floor Care to assist them with these needs. The carpet repair process is simpler than one might realize; although, there are occasions where more than a simple patch of carpet might need to be repaired. In cases where there are severe stains, the only alternative for repairing the carpets is to have them completely replaced. In the event there are small sections of carpeting that need to be repaired, this process can be completed in a timely manner.

The general carpet repair process begins with our trained technicians arriving at your home, and analyzing the carpets. Once the areas of trouble have been examined, our techs will then take the appropriate steps towards repairing the areas of carpet which are stained. Generally, the stained or ruined carpet area is cut into a rectangle or square piece, before being removed. Afterwards, our technicians will replace the cut-out area with stored scrap pieces of carpeting you may have leftover from your initial carpet installation. If there are no carpet scraps left, we will suggest taking a section of carpet from an area such as a closet, where it won’t be noticed.

Afterwards, our trained technicians will use a specialized carpet glue to apply to the carpet piece, and then they will apply force to the carpet section to re-fit it into the remaining carpeting. Lastly, our technicians will smooth the replacement carpeting piece out to ensure it is flush with the rest of the carpet. Those residents in Manhattan who require carpet repairs, please don’t hesitate to consult with CE Floor Care for all your carpeting needs.

Sebastian and David were great! Courteous and professional. Great attitudes and proficient. They took care of the task at hand and finished in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them and of course, in the future, will call them again! Call them and you can rest assured things will be taken care of.
Craig Y.