Our local business provides expert carpet cleaning Ranchos Palos Verdes residents rely upon and trust. We are locally owned and operated, so we take pride in keeping the community looking beautiful. Our heavy steam extraction cleaning process that leaves carpets looking new and our personalized service cause residents to contact us whenever carpets require cleaning.

With a truck mount steam cleaning system at our disposal, we are able to clean deep beneath the surface of carpets. High heat and strong suction leave carpets cleaner and enable them to stay cleaner for a longer period. Customers never see soap residue left behind and are amazed at how dry their carpets are within minutes of being cleaned.

A careless approach to cleaning can result in damage to the home. We take preventative measures to ensure that floor and wall surfaces are not scratched or nicked by carpet cleaning equipment. Using guards on surfaces is just one of the extra steps taken to ensure that customers are pleased with the results. The extra time required to protect the area is just another fine detail we feel is necessary, but many “corporate” companies may overlook.

Pet owners often turn to us out of frustration. After trying to clean up a pet accident on carpet, they realize that they do not have the necessary equipment or knowledge. We have both and use them to remove pet stains and the odor that accompanies them, cleaning through the carpet to the pad when necessary. This ensures that this spot will not become a favorite bathroom area for pets.

Between our cutting-edge steam cleaning system, care taken to protect customer homes, and specialized expertise in areas like pet stain removal, we offer everything a customer wants in a carpet cleaner. The fact that we are locally owned and operated by a reputable family only enhances our appeal. Take advantage of our services today!